Things to Know About Your Car’s Brakes 

Your car’s brakes work hard each time you use it. You use it every time you make a quick hard stop, stop at a traffic light, or slowdown in the road. The use of your brakes can lead to regular deterioration over time. This can make them useless or ineffective.  


It is vital to have routine maintenance done on your brake system by a mobile mechanic business in Lexington KY. This will help maintain its condition and offer safe driving settings for you and your passengers.  

Components of a Brake 

Your car’s brake system is made of the brake pad, a caliper, a rotor, and a disc. Whenever you’re driving, it might feel like the car simply stops when you hit the brakes. However, there are a lot of things that happen as soon as you push on the brake pedal.  

Things to Consider 

Unluckily, the brake’s friction can cause the brake pads to deteriorate as time passes by. They’ll have to be fixed or replaced regularly. It’s a standard part of the preventative maintenance tasks you have to perform with your brake system. Obviously, this means you’ve got to spend more cash to keep the car in great shape and get you to your destination safely each day. Thus, how much money will you have to spend on brake repair? 

The average cost of replacing brake pads runs around $100 to $300 each axle. This depends on the mechanic you work with. This may appear like a lot for you. However, you can think about what will happen if you ignore it. For those who don’t know, it can cost you around $350 to $900 to replace or fix the brake caliper. This usually occurs if you neglect the brake pads of your car. Aside from that, you will have to spend around $400 to $600 to replace the brake rotor.  

It can be a bit overwhelming when you see all these costs together. That is why a professional mechanic always recommends preventative maintenance to your car. This includes replacing brake pads, making minor adjustments and repairs, checking over the brakes, and much more.  

Indeed, you will still spend some money on it. However, it is more than worth it over the long run. This is particularly true if you think about the extra money you’ll be spending over time if you do not fix your brake pads.  

Reasons to Choose a Mechanic 

One of the minor tasks that a lot of DIY car owners choose to do is replacing the brake pad. Though it is definitely one of the simpler tasks to master, it is vital that you know exactly what you are doing if you try this at home. It’s always advised to hire a professional mechanic over a DIY project when it comes to something as vital as your brakes. You might indeed save several dollars. However, your car might be considered unsafe on the roads if the pad is not properly fitted or damage happens to the brake parts.  

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